Americans called their Senators and Representatives, and thousands sent postcards. Our calls keep this village standing


A project of Rebuilding Alliance

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UNRWA implemented our voucher system purchases in Jabalya camp on Aug. 3rd.

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Each is bagged to meet the needs of an average family of seven.

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Each family receives a full set of hygiene supplies, purchased from local stores.

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Our pilot project at the Rafah Boys Preparatory School is now being adopted by other UNRWA schools!

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On August 3rd we successfully distributed Lifeline Hygiene Kits at the Jabalya Shelter Schools

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Purchased at a local store, bagged for each family, delivered in a UN van

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Lifeline hygiene kits reached the Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A on July 26th

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Displaced families at Rafah Preparatory School #A on July 26th

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Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A - now an UNWRA center housing 2200 displaced moms, dads, children

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Lifeline personal care supplies ready for delivery to families at an UNRWA School Shelter!

Provide a lifeline of personal care supplies to families taking refuge in UNRWA schools in Gaza.

The Rachel Corrie Foundation and Rebuilding Alliance are working together to provide life-sustaining supplies to Palestinian families taking refuge at UNRWA schools. On July 26th, we started with the UNRWA schools in Rafah (the south) then UNRWA invited us to extend this to the schools in Jabalya (the north) of Gaza, and to Khan Younis and Gaza City. The items include lifeline hygiene kits, portable showers, and rechargeable lights as well as baby formula, disposable diapers, and cookware.

On Aug. 3rd, our Rafah school was hit and 10 people were killed, mostly children. We ask you to call Congress to request they call the Israeli Embassy on your behalf and urge a no fire zone be place on all Emergency Shelter Schools.

A Message from Cindy Corrie:

"At the Rachel Corrie Foundation, we have watched from afar with horror as events have unfolded in Gaza. The United Nations reports that the number of internally displaced people at UNRWA schools exceeds 271,000, multiple times the peak number from Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09. People are housed in schools and temporary shelters throughout all areas of the Gaza Strip. According to the UN, "The priority continues to be the provision of food, water, sleeping, hygiene, and cleaning items."

Our dear friend in Gaza Khaled Nasrallah is a United Nations Works Relief Agency (UNWRA) employee responsible for those at the Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A in the center of Rafah. Khaled and his family were inside their threatened home where my daughter Rachel Corrie stood when she was killed by an Israeli military bulldozer in Rafah in 2003. Having been forced from their home by the Israeli military later that year, Khaled and his family know well what it means to be displaced during times like these.

With Khaled's efforts and leadership, in the past days, the Rachel Corrie Foundation and Rebuilding Alliance have been able to secure credit to provide a lifeline: hygiene and personal care kits, currently available in Gaza, for the 2200 people who have sought shelter in the Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A where Khaled is in charge.

This, the largest UNRWA school refuge in Rafah, is housing refugees from the border areas who left their homes during the first hours of the Israeli attack, taking nothing with them but the clothes they were wearing. With the large numbers in each facility, UNWRA reports that "maintaining standards of hygiene is of particular importance in order to avoid major public health concerns."

Please join us now in supplying some relief for the families who are living under these trying conditions. We need your help and will be so grateful for it!"


“My family and I took shelter at an UNRWA school in 2008 — how well we remember what difference a bar of soap can make.”

― Khaled Nasrallah, our supervising partner in Gaza


At this moment, there are 271,000 displaced people at the UNRWA schools in Gaza and another 250,000 moved in with relatives, all trying to live amidst desperate and deteriorating conditions. The need for a rapid response is urgent to give these people basic necessities. We are working hard and have been dispersing this aid as quickly as possible. Careful oversight of the disbursement of funds during times of war is essential. As such, seventy-five percent of your donation is for purchase of lifeline supplies and fifteen percent of your donation goes toward proper administration and coordination.

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