Inspire Students at Title 1 (Economically Disadvantaged) Schools to Attend College and Experience the Wonders of Space & Science.

Our Technical Director, Karl von Ahnen, calls the Planetarium "a magical place." Under the dome, our mission is to fuel the imagination, excite our young visitors, and conjure a sense of wonder and infinite possibility. We hope you will consider sponsoring a student, group of students or a class to come to the Planetarium this year.

With the many recent budget cutbacks, our local schools are reducing the number of field trips they take each year. This year, some area schools lack any funds to provide this amazing experience. Without your sponsorship, students from Title I (economically disadvantaged) schools will not be able to attend planetarium astronomy field trips to supplement their school’s science curriculum and be inspired by this remarkable place.

Your sponsorship can make a significant difference in the life of a K-8 student by bringing them on to a college campus and exposing him or her to the world of astronomy and space science. Just $25 dollars will cover the cost of five students. Please help bring students to the Planetarium, and inspire the next generation to aim for the stars.

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    Our mission is to change student lives by raising & investing funds to support the educational excellence of Foothill and De Anza colleges.
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